How to Make a Roll Up Knee Pad


Weeding and thinning the garden is hard work, and all that kneeling on the ground can really hurt your knees. Give your knees a break this season with a comfortable and colorful knee pad that you can make yourself. It’s a quick and easy project and the result will become a useful part of your gardening equipment.

This kneeling cushion features elastic straps on one end of the pad that keep it securely rolled up for easy storage. When rolled, this pad will easily fit into a garden tote for convenient portability. The best part about creating your own kneeling pad is that you can customize it to best suit your needs and style. The fabric color and type, filling, and overall size of the knee pad can all be tailored to your needs and comfort.

We’ve created a new video to show you step-by step how to sew, fill, and finish your own roll up knee pad. In the video, we use Sunbrella Marine Grade Fabric in Sunflower Yellow for the body of the pad, but other heavy, durable fabrics like Picasso Cotton Duck will also work great. To fill the inside of the pad, we chose to use flaxseed, but you can also use buckwheat hulls, or rice. Customize the size of your cushion either by choosing between three given sizes or creating your own dimensions.


Materials Needed:

Supplies for this project and many more are available at

Do you have big plans for your garden this year? What are you planting? Share your garden plans and ideas with us in the comments!

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