3 Patio Design Styles to Try

With summer right around the corner, it’s time to pull your patio furniture out of storage and get your outdoor living space ready for the season. If your old patio furniture is leaving you feeling uninspired, why not sew up a new project or two to give the furniture and patio space a new look? You could sew new cushions, change the throw pillows, add outdoor drapery or re-do old sling chairs for a brand new look this summer.

To help get you inspired for new patio projects, we’ve compiled three different looks using Sailrite fabrics that can use on your own patio. Each design features all outdoor living fabrics, so everything is appropriate for occasional outdoor use.

Graphic & Bright

3 Patio Design Styles to Try

Let’s start things off with a bang! Your outdoor living spaces are great places to take design risks. If you love bold colors but aren’t sure about them inside your home, try them outside! Your patio is a great place to play with not only color but also bold, graphic patterns like latticework, abstract geometrics, and large-scale floral. This look features a statement fabric, a punchy floral but is also toned down with a solid beige. The bright blue unites all the fabrics to keep the look cohesive. We also included a sling fabric, to show how sling chairs can work with softer pieces in the same space.

Classic Black & White

3 Patio Design Styles to Try

Black and white is a timeless color pairing that will always look stylish. For this look we started with a base of black and white fabrics (think for cushions and larger pieces) and then we added a pop of color by bringing in the greens of this tropical palm leaf fabric. You could use any accent color with black and white—you could even pick a fabric to match the flowers, plants or landscaping around your patio. Black and white make for a great base for creativity!

Soothing & Serene


Make your outdoor living space a relaxing retreat with cool, calm colors as seen in this sophisticated and understated look. The soft blues bring in color without being too loud and the greys and beiges really anchor this color scheme. You could mix and match these fabrics in many different ways around you patio, using a solid or one of the patterns as the main cushions with pillows in the others. Give your pillows a little extra pizzazz with a Sunbrella piping or fringe, which are durable enough to be used outdoors.

Which of these designs suit your style, or would you do something completely different? Share your opinions & ideas with us in the comments!

Shop for even more outdoor living fabrics in a wide range of colors and styles at Sailrite.com.

  1. Bea said:

    Im looking for a Canvas or Canvas type material that does not fray, or very little fraying . Im using it to make travel bags and rope bags that will be trimmed in vinyl or leather . I prefer tans, off whites or blues to start with . The fabric does not have to be canvas just need it to be a heavy material with a ruggard appearance that is a strong fabric Thanks

    • Hello Bea, most canvas fabrics will fray when cut unless a hotknife is used. If you didn’t want to use a hotknife then you would want to stick with a fabric that is either vinyl or acrylic coated. If you are going to use a hotknife I would recommend Top Notch 9 as it is extremely durable. If you do not want to use a hotknife I would recommend looking at either Top Gun, Top Gun 1S, Phifertex (more of a mesh), SeaMark, or Stamoid (Light or Top would work).

  2. Billie Ruth Standbridge said:

    I am considering ordering sunbrella replacement covers for directors chairs. Is there another brand, that’s all I’ve seen? I look up the reviews and they are either great of they wouldn’t order again. The negative was they were thin, didn’t look reliable, poorly sewn. I have had canvas in the past, but I will be leaving these out permanently. It’s an expensive item not to be sure of what I’m getting. Do any of you have an opinion?

    • Sailrite said:

      If you are looking for a solid color and have to have canvas then I would recommend Top Notch 9, it is polyester so inherently strong. If you need a pattern I would recommend looking at Geobella, Bella Dura or Fortress Indoor/Outdoor. These are all very good fabrics for director’s chairs. That being said, Sunbrella is a great choice as well especially if you are concerned with color retention.

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