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Face Slit & Bind Zipper Approach

Face Slit & Bind Zipper Approach is the fifth video in our Sewing Zippers Video Series. The Face Slit & Bind zipper approach is a zipper installation method often used in an application where a removable backstay wire would need to protrude from a canvas bimini top. This zipper includes two sliders which would zip close around an object (a wire, rope or other) which exits from the zipper slit.

Watch this video for step by step instructions on how to install this type of zipper in your canvas or vinyl project.


Zipper Plaques

Zipper Plaque Installation is the fourth video in our Sewing Zippers Video Series. A zipper plaque is basically a zipper sewn on the box seamed edge of a cushion that is used to insert or remove the cushion foam. There are two different techniques for sewing a zipper plaque on a boxed cushion. The first zipper plaque technique demonstrates a standard zipper plaque installation with a two hems that split in the center of the zipper. The second is a hemmed zipper plaque technique with a hem that covers the entire zipper.

Visit for more project tips and all your cushion supplies.

Rip Zipper Approach

The Rip Zipper Approach is the third video in our Sewing Zippers Video Series. The rip zipper approach is a zipper installation method often used in long bags (like a sausage bag or rip bag), sail packs, and furling sleeves where the ability to grab one end of the zipper and rip apart quickly is beneficial. Watch this how-to demonstration on creating both a single-end rip zipper and a double-end rip zipper.


Bind & Slit Approach

The Bind & Slit Approach is the second zipper video in the Sewing Zippers Video Series that demonstrates a zipper installation which is often used in an enclosure panel on a boat. The Bind & Slit Zipper Installation does not require excess material for hems and thus is a great way to install a zipper where the size of the panel must be maintained. Visit Sailrite to purchase zippers and supplies


How-to Install Zippers Series

Zippers: An essential element to do-it-yourself canvas work and arguably one of the trickiest parts if you’re not sure what kind of zipper you need or how to install it properly in your canvas.

Here’s the good news. We’ve begun putting together a series of videos dedicated to zippers. We’ll be covering the basics, like what’s the difference between a Vislon and coil zipper chain and do I need a finished or continuous zipper, but we’ll also be demonstrating different zipper installation methods and techniques that you would use depending on what project you’re working on.

We’ll release a new video about zippers on our Sailrite YouTube channel every week (until we’ve covered just about everything we know about zippers!). If you want to receive the rest of our Sewing Zippers 101 video series, subscribe to our YouTube channel to receive email notifications when we post a new video. If you’d rather not subscribe, that’s fine! Just remember to check back here or visit our YouTube channel for new zipper videos.

Fold Under & Hem First Approach:

To start things off, our first video demonstrates two of the most common zipper installation methods, the Fold Under and the Hem First Approach. Both methods are designed for finished zippers and utilize a match-up mark technique that helps ensure perfect zipper alignment. Take a look!



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