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We’re really excited to share today’s project with you because it features a brand new product we think you’re going to like. The floor covering on your boat sees a fair amount of water and traffic. Traditional boat carpeting can hold water and start to smell over time. Today we’re going to show you how to switch out that old carpeting for a hard-wearing, modern looking woven flooring.

How to Replace Boat Carpet with Woven Flooring

We replaced the carpeting on our Project Powerboat Series a Maxum 2900 SCR, with a woven flooring from Chilewich®. Chilewich Floor Covering is an innovative blend of vinyl and fiberglass woven into beautiful designs and then secured to a polyurethane foam backing. The material cuts without fraying and is easy to work with and install. Plus it’s stain, mold and mildew resistant as well as anti-static and moisture proof. Clean it off with just a spray of the hose! Chilewich is a little more expensive than competing woven flooring options, but we really like it because it is a nicer weave and more dimensionally stable.

How to Replace Boat Carpet with Woven Flooring

In our video, we’ll show you how to pattern and cut Chilewich for boat flooring. We also will demonstrate two different ways to finish the edges. For our boat project we opted to sew Sunbrella® Acrylic Binding to the edges of the Chilewich but you can also fold the edges under to create a hem, or leave the edges raw (the material won’t fray). It’s all up to which look you prefer. Visit and search (#200674XHT) so you can find all the tools and materials needed to replace your boat carpeting with woven flooring as well as watch our full video tutorial.

What do you think of Chilewich Floor Covering? Would you use it on your boat? Share your opinions with us in the comments!

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