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Welcome to Day 3 of the Learning to Sew Series! Yesterday we learned how to sew stitches and today we’re going to use those skills in an application and learn how to sew seams. If you’re just joining the series, you can catch up on Part 1: How to Set Up Your Sewing Machine and Part 2: How to Stitch.

Seams are used to join two panels of fabric together. They are most often used for sewing larger projects like covers or awnings. There are several different methods for sewing a seam, and we’re going to cover two of the most popular options: an overlapping seam and a semi-flat felled seam.


If you’d like to learn more about seams, check out our post on the 3 Most Popular Seams for Canvas for more of an in-depth look at seam techniques.

Tomorrow we’ll be back with Part 4: How to Finish an Edge; you won’t want to miss it!

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