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New year, new projects. We’re entering 2013 with a great list of projects and how-to advice that we can’t wait to share with you! Starting off right, we have a great new how-to video that features a new fabric option, Mobern’s Allsport 4-Way Stretch Vinyl.

We love this vinyl because it makes patterning around contours and frames so easy! The stretch in the fabric is forgiving when patterning (which is great for beginners) and it provides clean lines and a smooth appearance for professional-looking results. To top it all off, Allsport 4-Way Stretch Vinyl is durable and easy to clean. Allsport is great for car interiors, motorcycle seats, ski lift chairs, snowmobiles, tractor seats, personal watercraft, marine seating, and home office seating.

Watch this video to learn how to use this stretchy vinyl fabric to recover a curvy motorcycle seat. Don’t own a motorcycle? Use the techniques as a starting point for other seat recovery projects. This video will walk you through removing the old cover, patterning the top plates and boxing, sewing the plates and boxing, creating fabric pulls, and stapling and stretching the vinyl.

Mobern’s Allsport 4-Way Stretch Vinyl is available in a variety of colors at

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