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It’s Day 4 of the Learning to Sew Series and we’re back with a great tutorial for you today. Now that you’ve gotten to know your machine, sewn a few stitches, and learned how to seam, we’re ready to move on to a sewing skill you’ll use in almost every project: how to finish the edges.

Raw fabric edges can fray and don’t look very nice on a finished piece. To hide those unsightly edges you can create a hem or add a binding. In today’s video you will learn 3 commonly used methods of hemming as well as how to add binding to the edge using a binding attachment for your sewing machine.


Once you’re feeling comfortable with these hem styles, you can find tutorials for more specific, project-based hem styles in this post on Hem Construction Techniques.

Be sure to stop by tomorrow, as we move on to Part 5 of our Learning to Sew Series: How to Sew a Zipper.

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