Meet the Ultrafeed® Version 3

Meet the Ultrafeed v.3

We’re excited to announce the upcoming release of our latest Ultrafeed® model, the v.3. Coming this June the Ultrafeed will include several new drive parts and an updated look. This new machine is still the Ultrafeed that you know and love but with a few improvements.

Here at Sailrite, we have a long history continually improving the Ultrafeed Sewing Machines to maintain their status as the best portable, heavy-duty sewing machine around. Because we’re always improving, even though we loved the v.2 machine, we knew that we could make it even better. This fine-tuning and optimization process is what led to the v.3 machine.

What Is New?

The Ultrafeed v.3 has 3 basic new features: three of the drive parts have been re-designed, the feed components are improved, and the PLUS and PREMIUM packages come in a new Industrial Carrying Case. So what do all these changes mean? Let’s break them down and take a closer look.

Drive components

Meet the Ultrafeed v.3
For the v.3, we re-designed three of the drive components: the motor bracket, jack drive and the motor pulley. All of these parts have been optimized to create less friction and to be better aligned for smoother operation. This also results in less noise while sewing and less wear on the parts, increasing their longevity. These updated parts are actually not unique to the v.3 Ultrafeed, but rather have been phased into our v.2 machines starting in 2016. So if you bought your machine during the first half of 2016, you may already have these parts.

Feed Components

Meet the Ultrafeed v.3

We have made improvements to the feeding mechanism to make it last longer and grip even better than before. Unlike other sewing machines with knurled feeding mechanisms, the Ultrafeed has sharp teeth to grip and evenly feed your material through the machine.

Industrial Carrying Case

Meet the Ultrafeed v.3
Our new carrying case come standard with all Plus and Premium Ultrafeed packages and can be purchased separately if you want to upgrade your existing Ultrafeed. The new case features a specially padded lid to support and protect your machine, even when stored on its side. The Sailrite logo is silkscreened on the case lid and serves as an easy guide to remember which way the lid fits and which direction to set the machine for sewing. Other new features include extra-large rubber feet to keep the case in place while sewing, and heavy-duty butterfly latches securing the case lid.

Meet the Ultrafeed v.3

The Ultrafeed v.3 machines will continue to be tuned and finished in our Indiana facility and will offer all the power, performance and quality you’ve come to expect from Sailrite.

Look for the Ultrafeed v.3 Sewing Machines at starting in June 2016.

  1. When we buy replacement parts will they be the newer updated version or will we need to order for the older model?

    • Nikki said:

      The updated version of the parts will work in older machines. However, the new parts sold individually won’t be released in June with the v.3 sewing machine.

  2. Susan Laun said:

    I had to laugh at the addition of the logo on the carrying case so you know which way to set down the machine for sewing… because I put a piece of blue tape on my v.1 machine case for just that reason. Not quite as classy as the logo, I admit!

  3. Tom said:

    Can’t wait to get the new motor drive parts to update my v.2 machine.

  4. Thomas Crisan said:

    What is the expected price of new updated v3?

  5. Leo said:

    Hello I’m interested in purchasing your new LS3 sewing machine. I did not see any pricing and are they available yet. Ps I love your website and find it very informative. Thank you

    • Nikki said:

      Hi Leo,

      The new Ultrafeed v.3 Sewing Machines won’t be available for purchase until June 2016.

  6. Stacy said:

    Is there an official/expected release date in June for the v.3?

    • Nikki said:

      Yes, the v.3 is being released June 17, 2016!

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