How to Recover a Recliner Seat Cushion

How to Recover a Recliner Cushion

On Wednesday we shared how to reupholster a chair. Today we’re back to show you how we sewed up the seat cushion for the chair. The new cushion cover is a pretty straightforward sewing process; let’s take a closer look!

The cushion of this chair mostly assembles like any other box cushion, but the zipper plaque is a little different. For this cushion we wrapped the zipper around the sides of the cushion and then covered the ends with fabric. Since both the sides and the back of the cushion will be hidden on the chair, this is a good way to give the zipper a little extra protection.

We used the old cushion cover to pattern the fabric for the new one. This is an easy way to make sure your new cushion cover will be the right size for the foam and the chair. Additionally, we reused the original foam because it was still in really good condition. You can fluff up older foam with a polyester batting or, if it’s beyond a facelift, you can replace the foam completely. Be sure to use high-density foam that’s appropriate for upholstery.

In this video you’ll learn how to pattern the cushion fabric, create the zipper plaque and assemble the seat cushion for an upholstered chair.

Materials List:

  • Upholstery Fabric (we used P/Kaufmann fabric)
  • 3/8″ Seamstick Basting Tape
  • Nylon Thread
  • YKK® #5 Continuous Coil Zipper
  • YKK® #5 Metal Locking Zipper Slider

You can find all the materials you need for this and other re-upholstery projects at

  1. funct said:

    Hello…this is great. I have some fabric and a cushion. I need to apply the fabric to the cushion. I am going to study this over and over. Hopefully, I will learn something.



  2. funct said:

    Hello Again…is there an easier method to take to add a zipper or no zipper while applying fabric to the cushion?



    • Nikki said:

      Adding a zipper is the easiest method for getting the foam in and out of the cushion, but you certainly don’t have to do it that way. You could just leave one side of the boxing open, insert the foam, and then slip stitch the opening closed.

      Also, the video in this post shows a zipper plaque that doesn’t wrap around the cushion, if you think that might be easier for you:

      • funct said:

        Thank you…

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