Annapolis Sailboat Show 2015 Wrap-Up

It was an exciting, fast-paced five days at the United States Sailboat Show this year. Our crew is exhausted and anxious to road trip back home today, but they had a blast meeting everyone that came out this year and seeing all the creative projects you’re doing with your Ultrafeed® Sewing Machine and supplies from Sailrite®.

2015 Annapolis Boat Show Wrap-Up

Hallie, Eric, Zach & Matt B. in the Sailrite booth

The weather was fantastic for the show this year (Matt Grant said the best weather he can remember!) and customers came out in droves. We had so many customers in the booth that we ran out of sewing machines on Sunday. We even sold three of our demonstration machines!

Among the crowds of new Ultrafeed shoppers, we met a lot of existing Ultrafeed owners who stopped by to show us photos of their latest projects. The boat show crew was pleasantly surprised by the amount of customers who stopped by just to say hello, to meet Zach, to snap a selfie with Matt or to thank us for the how-to videos and fast shipping.

Everyone on the sales team will tell you that his or her favorite parts of the boat show are chatting with our great customers and showing off the Ultrafeed Sewing Machines (with the all the good seafood in the evenings coming in third).

2015 Annapolis Boat Show Wrap-Up

Matt G. with Sailrite customers Vicky & Ed from the cruising blog “Catching the Horizon”

Among his many conversations with customers, Matt Grant was impressed by how many of you are planning to start circumnavigations this year.

“We heard from a lot of circumnavigators who were buying sewing machines to take on the journey or to fix up their boats before they left,” he said.

For those of you who went to the show this year you may have seen Sailrite founders Jim and Connie Grant perusing the booths. This was the first year in a long time they had been to Annapolis not working in the booth, but just shopping for their own Islander 37, which has been featured in several Sailrite videos.

All in all the whole crew had a wonderful time. Matt summed up the whole weekend simply by saying “Good crowds and great customers.”

2015 Annapolis Boat Show Wrap-Up

Zach demonstrating the Ultrafeed LSZ-1 to a customer

We’ll be back in Annapolis next year for the 2016 United States Sailboat Show, and it’s never too early to start planning a trip! For now you can always find our sewing machines, supplies and how-to videos right here on the blog and at

For those who attended the show, what were the highlights for you this year? For those who couldn’t attend, we’d love to hear your stories, too! Leave us a comment about your sailing plans or next big sewing project.

  1. William said:

    Didn’t go to boat show, but Sailrite is a great Company. Love my new LS-1. William

  2. Please come to Miami or Ft. Lauderdale boat show! I promise you guys will love it! I would love to see a Sailrite in person, and my husband won’t be able to resist my pleading puppy dog eyes to buy one if I see it in person :) <3

  3. Sue said:

    Yes, please come to Miami!

  4. Damien said:

    Ditto. Annapolis is a haul but South Florida is Doable! And you know (unless there is a hurricane) the weather will be phenomenal!

  5. Jim Rohde said:

    Hope to see you as Strictly Sail Chicago this year. We missed you guys last winter!

  6. John Hannum said:

    I first met you all at a Cow Palace (San Francisco) boat show; drooled over the Ultrafeed ’til I could buy my own; now in 15th year of happy crafting with the blue baby. I hope to see you at the 2016 show.

  7. Tracey Christensen said:

    How about the Vancouver BC boatshow in February?!!!!

  8. I paid a sewing company in Perth Australia $400 deposit for a Sailrite machine in 1977. The company in Perth disappeared with my money and it wasn’t until this year at the Annapolis boat show, after sailing from Australia, I was able to finally purchase a machine. Thanks Zach.

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