Fall Project Idea Roundup

Yesterday was the first official day of Fall and as the seasons change so do your DIY project needs. Whether autumn means taking your boat out of the water or turning your sewing efforts inside your home instead of out, we’ve rounded up ten of our favorites projects that are perfect for Fall.

10 Fall Project Ideas

Trailer Bunk Carpet


For boaters in colder climates, fall unfortunately means taking your boats out of the water. Before pulling your boat onto the trailer be sure the trailer carpet is in good shape. If it needs to be replaced, this post will show you just what fabric to use and how secure it.

Winterize Your Sailboat


This isn’t a sewing project necessarily, but it does need to be done. When preparing for colder temps, don’t miss our winter checklist. Remember, the better your boat is put away, the quicker you’ll be on the water next spring!

Replace Worn Out Snaps


This is just a small task more than a project, but when you’re packing away your boat canvas for the season, it’s a great opportunity to replace any worn out snap fasteners that aren’t holding the way they used to. This quick, 3-step process will be worth the time to fix.

Make a Stadium Cushion


Fall is football season and if you’re heading out to a game, why not sew up a stadium cushion to take with you? Stadium seats are uncomfortable and this great beginner project will be a welcome companion.

Make Patio Furniture Covers


Nice quality patio furniture can be an investment. To be sure your patio set looks nice season after season, you can sew up custom covers to perfectly fit your pieces and protect them from bird droppings, insects and harsh winter weather.

Make a Grill Cover


Grill covers from big box stores can be really flimsy. If you want to keep your grill protected from the elements, you can make your own custom grill cover that fits like a glove and will last for years to come.

Make a Full Boat Cover


Keep your boat fully covered when mooring, trailering and storing with a great fitting custom cover. Whether you have a sailboat, powerboat or pontoon boat we have full boat cover tutorials for you.

Recover a Lamp Shade


As the weather cools, you might want to turn your DIY efforts towards the interior of your home. Start refreshing your space with simple updates like recovering a lamp shade with fabric. This is an easy, no-sew project that you can complete in just an hour!

Make a Table Runner


Get a jumpstart on preparing for holiday entertaining by making new, festive table runners. This is a great project for beginners and will bring a lot of color and personality to your dining room.

Recover Your Salon Cushions


Fall is a perfect time to do big boat sewing projects. Bring your cushions home for the off-season and pattern all new salon cushions for your cabin. We’ve got a great video to help you along the way!

You can find all the materials needed to complete these project (and more!) at Sailrite.com.

What projects are on your to-do list this autumn? Tell us your plans in the comments!

  1. Larry said:

    I need to make round bistro chair cushions, (Recover), with piping, stapled to plywood rounds, 16″ round x 2-1/2 high
    Never did this before ?

    • Nikki said:

      Hi Larry,

      We have a similar tutorial in the works so hopefully we can have that out for you soon!

      • Larry said:

        That’s Great, Thanks !

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