How to Make a Boat Wheel Cover

How to Make a Boat Wheel Cover

It’s a boater’s mindset to cover and protect anything vital on board that could be damaged by the sun. Protect your boat’s steering wheel with an easy-to-sew wheel cover. We made this cover for the wheel on our Project Powerboat. This small cover adds extra sun protection for your wheel and doesn’t use much fabric, so it’s a great way to use up leftover Sunbrella.

Our wheel cover is tensioned with a sewn-in shock cord. When not on the wheel, it resembles a canvas shower cap. It is easily stretched over the wheel and stays securely in place.

This simple project is a great way to test out some trickier sewing skills like sewing boxing on a circular shape and working with shock cord. In the video you will learn how to measure your wheel for the cover, pattern the fabric, tension the shock cord and install the cover on your boat.

Materials List:

You can find all the materials you need to cover everything on your boat at

What other kinds of small covers have you made for your boat? Share you projects & ideas in the comments!

  1. I know its difficult, but you have shown it to be too easy to do. Creating steering wheel covers out of boat covers is creative. I want to get a coil system and try to make a heated wheel cover for me this winter. I even dont know whether it will be possible though.

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