How to Make an Upholstery Work Table

With any project it’s important to have all the right tools before you begin. One tool that is really helpful when working on re-upholstery projects is a swiveling work table. With a simple table like this you can set your upholstered piece at a comfortable height and turn the table instead of having to awkwardly wrestle the chair around over and over. We built our own upholstery table and we made a video of the process so you can make one too.

How to Make an Upholstery Work Table | Sailrite DIY Advice Blog

We designed our work table based on the table our upholsterer, Cindy, uses in her own studio at home. It features a soft top upholstered with Trunkliner fabric, a bottom bay where you can keep your tools, and swivel casters on the bottom for easy movement of the table. This table is a simple build and goes together quickly; it could easily be made in a day.

For the full tutorial, visit and search (#200671XHT).

  1. Edward Sykora said:

    How do I install the Boat Vent ii, my boat cover has a sewn seam down the middle,if I want the poles to be centered will I have to cut a hole through this seam ? will this cause the seam to separate or will the Vent hold it in place ?

    • Nikki said:

      Hi Edward,
      Installing your Boat Vent II on a seam isn’t a big deal since the cover is typically reinforced with extra fabric during installation. Also, the Boat Vent II acts like a large washer, encompassing a lot of the fabric cover and thus reinforcing the area even if a seam is present or a hole is inserted in the seam for the vent. We have a video that will show you the whole installation process:

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