Summer Project Idea Roundup

With Memorial Day Weekend coming up this weekend here in the U.S., we are unofficially starting the summer season! I’m sure many of you will be spending your long weekend out on the water, but if you’re in the mood for sewing this weekend—or any time this season—we’ve rounded up 10 of our favorite summer projects.

10 Summer Project Ideas

Corn Hole Page


Cornhole, sometimes called corn toss or bags, is a classic summer lawn game. If your set needs new bags, check out this tutorial. The corn-filled bags are easy to sew up and require only a couple of yards of cotton duck. Game on!

Hatch Canopy


Help keep your cabin cool with a hatch canopy. These canopies keep the sun from shining into your cabin while funneling fresh air through the hatch to keep you more comfortable below decks. Plus, these are easy to build with the Sailrite Hatch Canopy Kit.

Companionway Cover


Another great way to improve your cabin comfort is with a companionway cover. You can create your own screen door for your companionway to keep air and light filtering in while keeping pesky bugs out.

Picnic Blanket


Enjoy the outdoors with a quilted picnic blanket. Learn how to create a custom, reversible blanket that is perfect for a variety of outings. We also include a tip for keeping your blanket from blowing away on a windy day.

Fender Cover


Fender covers are great for extending the life of your boat fender and they protect the side of your boat from chafing. If your boat fenders need covers or your existing covers are looking shabby, this is a simple DIY that brings a lot of functionality.



What says summer relaxation better than a hammock? This hammock tutorial includes two methods for building the fabric sling as well as instructions on how to sew a detachable pillow and how to create the hammock harness.

Cockpit Cushions


If you spend a lot of time of your boat then your cockpit cushions are almost certainly seeing a lot of use. If your cushions are worn out or you want to change the color and feel of them, we’ll walk you through the process step-by-step.

Swing Canopy


If you have a patio swing or glider with a sun bleached canopy, give it a facelift this summer! When you make a new canopy yourself, you can use better quality materials for longer lasting protection from the sun.

Winch Cover


Spend less time cleaning and servicing your winches by keeping them covered when not in use. This small DIY is a great starter project and we offer a winch cover kit that contains all the materials you’ll need.

Beach Bag


Don’t forget a thing when you head to the beach or the lake this summer! This great carryall beach bag is big enough to hold a towel and all the essentials and easily slings over your shoulder.

You can find all the materials needed to make all the projects listed here at

What projects are topping your summer to-do list? Leave us a comment and tell us about them!

  1. I have a question about a boxed cushion for a banquette. The cushion people would sit on is straight forward for me. The problem comes when you make the boxed cushion for the back. I have four different cushions of foam, except for the two sides at the ends, the sides are angled to hug the wall of the bay. This makes the front of the back cushion smaller than the back against the wall. I will use a three inch stripe to join the back to the front. How do I solve the difference in the two pieces of fabric??? Make a seam at each corner? The cushion will have bias covered cording on both pieces, but the front is still smaller than the back because of the angles. HELP

    • Nikki said:

      Hi Jan,

      Our closest instructions for this are in our v-berth cushion video. There we made irregularly shaped cushions to follow the shape of the boat’s hull with an angled wedge that comes up against the wall of the boat. To accommodate that wedge, we made the top plate of the cushion cover larger and the bottom plate slightly smaller and angle the boxing. Here’s a link to that video Feel free to give us a call if you have questions!

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