How to Make a Replacement Powerboat Bimini

On Tuesday we introduced you to our powerboat a 29-foot, 2002 Maxum 2900 SCR. Today we’re going to dive into our first project on this boat—replacing the bimini.


The bimini top on our powerboat is what’s known as an “attached bimini” because its aft end is attached to a solid surface (in this case a radar arch) as opposed to being completely supported by tubing bows. An all tubing bimini would be called an unattached bimini. The steps in this video can be used to make an attached or unattached powerboat bimini or a sailboat bimini.

Careful and precise patterning is the building block to getting a great fitting bimini top. We thoroughly cover the patterning process in our video to help you get professional looking results.


Bimini Before

The existing bimini on our powerboat had a lot of wrinkling so we decided to make the new bimini using some different techniques to get a better fit. One of the biggest design changes we made is that instead of seaming the fabric panels forward to aft, as is typical, we seamed our fabric panels port to starboard. This method does require using more fabric, but we believe that it creates a much better fitting bimini top and one that will wrinkle less over time.


Bimini Before

Another design decision we made was adding a pocket to the front of the bimini to better accommodate the angle of the front tubing. This extra pocket helps keep the bimini top taut. To add extra water protection at the aft, attached end, we also sewed on weather stripping to create a watertight seal against the radar arch.

We get asked a lot if the zippers for side curtains need to be installed when building your bimini top. You can install the zippers if you’re ready for that step, but if you’re not, don’t worry. They can easily be added later. We did not install zippers in this video, but we’ll show you how to do it in our Enclosure Side Curtains Video.


Inside of bimini after

For the full video and materials list visit and search #200660XHT.


Outside after

What do you think of our design decisions? Would you try them on your boat? Have you ever made your own bimini? What tips would you share on the process? Share your ideas and suggestions in the comments!

  1. Alex said:

    I have a 2001 Maxum 2900 SCR, how much would you charge to make another one of these full enclosures? I love everything about it and I want the exact same one :)

    • Hello Alex,
      Unfortunately we do not sell fabricated assemblies. We offer the instructions and products in order for others to do it themselves so any customizations can more easily be made!

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