Meet Our Project Powerboat

We’ve been doing a lot of growing over here at Sailrite and one of the areas we’re expanding is projects for powerboats. So when we had the opportunity to re-do some canvaswork on a powerboat, we jumped at the chance. And, of course, we filmed some great how-to videos along the way to share with you. So, meet our project powerboat: a 29-foot, 2002 Maxum 2900 SCR.


The canvas on this boat had a few issues we wanted to be sure to address and correct with our next design. For example, the bimini was wrinkled, the aft curtain on the enclosure wasn’t keeping water out of the cockpit when it rained, and the clear vinyl on the enclosure panels had been scorched in a few places from contact with the metal support poles. We came up with great solutions to these common issues and we’ll be breaking them down step-by-step in our videos.




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What projects need done on your powerboat? Which ones would you like to see us do a video on next? Share your suggestions in the comments!

  1. Charles Riggs said:

    Excellent per power boat project list, it’s just what I wanted. I bought your LS-1 some months ago and have major work planned. I’m restoring a vintage boat, will be fabrication custom canvas and cushions. Many Thanks……….

    • Nikki said:

      Thanks, Charles! We’d love to see pictures of your boat when it’s finished!

  2. Great looking boat. I have a Maxum 2400SE and just bought a Sailrite. I will be doing most of the canvas work just like the 2900. Hey, what kind of trailer fenders are those? I want a set for my trailer!

    • Nikki said:

      Hi Timothy, the fenders are OEM fenders from the EZ loader Trailer. Good luck on your canvaswork projects! We’d love to see photos when you’re finished.

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