Improve Your Safety on the Water


In many states in the US and in every province in Canada, boaters are required to take safety classes and be certified before heading out onto the water. Boater education has been proven to save lives and reduce accidents on the water. If you are new to boating or have a friend who is, we’ve found a great, easy way to take a boater safety course to be certified. provides online boater safety and licensing courses for more than 40 states and Canada. All of their classes and educational materials are approved by the state, the US Coast Guard and Transport Canada. You can take your course completely online and you have unlimited attempts to pass the exams. To learn more about Boat-ed courses and the safety requirements in your state, visit

Interested in safety projects for your sailboat? You can learn more about Series Drogues, a storm anchor, in our post Series Drogues: The Sailor’s Airbag. Learn how to make a Sunbrella Cover for your Lifesling, another important piece of safety equipment, in our How to Make a Lifesling Cover post.

What steps do you take to be safe on the water? Share your experiences with us in the comments!

  1. Jim Blackmore said:

    Please make note of the United States Power Squadrons – we offer on-line courses where accepted by state regulations. These offerings can be viewed on the site . Better yet, sign up for a class & meet other boaters. Your can check for classes in your area on the same website: http://WWW.USPS.ORG !

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