Create Your Own Nautical Rope Coasters

2015_April_Rope-Coaster-1 Are you a stickler for coasters? Coasters are great for protecting furniture from watermarks and they can also be a small, fun way to accent your décor. For our Outdoor Dining Area Makeover we made these simple rope coasters to be a little nod to our love of all things nautical. These coasters can be used indoors and out and are a great project for DIYers of all skill levels. We used manila rope for our coasters to give them a more rustic style, but you can use other types of rope too for different looks. To re-create these coasters for your home or boat you only need a few materials and five to ten minutes! Let’s take a look at how it’s done.

Materials List:


How to Make Rope Coasters

1. Place a bead of hot glue in the center of your lid and glue one end of the rope in place. 2015_April_Rope-Coaster-3 2. Curl the rope tightly around itself and spiral it out away from the center, hot gluing as you go. 2015_April_Rope-Coaster-4 3. When you reach the edge of the lid, cut your rope and hot glue the ends to the side of the rope adjacent to it. This will keep the rope from fraying. 2015_April_Rope-Coaster-5 Think you’d like to try your hand at rope coasters? Find a large selection of rope for crafts and your boat at 2015_April_Rope-Coaster-6 This project wraps up our Outdoor Dining Area Makeover Series. What did you think of the series? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments.

  1. John Hughes said:

    Neat idea.

    When you’re all done, slap on a sailor’s palm and take a few passes of waxed marline through the middle of the rope from one edge of the disk to the to the opposite edge (esp. near that hot-glued tail) to hold things together. A warm summer day on a metal tabletop outdoors can be enough to soften hot-glue (at least the low-temp or “all temp” stuff).

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