Outdoor Dining Area Makeover & How to Add a Fabric Border to an Outdoor Rug

As we are officially heading into spring (finally!) it’s a great time to turn our attention to the outdoors. After a winter cooped up inside, it’s nice to be outside in the fresh air as much as possible during the spring and summer. We made over this covered porch to create a relaxing and stylish outdoor dining space for sharing family meals in the open air. In the next two weeks, we’re going to share with you the 5 DIY projects that we put together to make this bland patio more inviting.


Dining Area Before

Outdoor Dining Area Projects:


Dining Area After

Today, we’re going to share the first how-to in our Dining Area Makeover Series. Our makeover started from the ground up—literally. We started by adding an outdoor area rug to make the space feel more like an interior room. The rug also helps to create a dining zone in the larger porch area. For our rug we decided to start with an expensive rug from a hardware store and add a fabric border to make the rug look nicer and to tie it in to our overall color scheme. Our rug had a relatively low pile, so it was easy to sew with the Ultrafeed LS-1 Sewing Machine. For the fabric border we chose to use Sunbrella Upholstery fabric because of its excellent durability.


Fabric Trimmed Rug

In this video, you will learn how to prepare the rug for sewing, calculate the needed fabric, sew the edging and nicely finish the corners. In making our project, we realized that to create a cleaner finished topside of the rug, we should have marked on the underside of the rug and sewed the fabric to it first. You can make this change when you sew your rug.

Materials List:

You can find all the materials to trim your outdoor rug in fabric at Sailrite.com. Do you have an outdoor dining area or other living space to makeover this season? Share your plans with us in the comments! For more great outdoor living DIY tutorials, check out last season’s DIY Porch Makeover Series!

  1. I like how you added a correction for people at the end. It probably will end up having a better finish that way, but either way it looks beautiful. Personally, I would love such a rug for an outdoor area.

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