Share Your Ideas! New Year Reader Survey


The beginning of a new year is the time to turn the page and start fresh with a new outlook and new goals. Here at Sailrite, as we look forward to 2015, we’re recommitting to you, our customers. We have big plans for our Do-It-Yourself Advice Blog, and we want to make sure that those plans include content that you want to see!

So tell us, what projects would you love to see a tutorial for? Do you have any questions about tools, hardware, or supplies you’d like answered? Which posts would you love to see more of (fabric features, scrap busters, customer features) and which ones could you take or leave?

Leave your feedback for us in the comments. We can’t wait to hear from you!

  1. George Kiskaddon said:

    Ideas: What about when things go wrong? How about easy fixes…sail cover isn’t deep enough or dodger too loose…
    Also, How about repairs? A tear in the middle of a boat cover or cushion. ..grommets pulled out…

  2. Mike Sanford said:

    I enjoy your DIY videos, and have made many of the for-boat items you have shared. In the winter time some of us northern sailors also play with other sports. Maybe some of your videos could show how to make a ski boot bag, snow shoe bag, a ski bag (airport luggage style), some easy to make, simple back pack for cross-country skiing,etc.. Mike

  3. Ernesto S said:

    Do you have suggestions for pool cover? Which fabric I can use?

  4. Ernesto S said:

    I want to do a pool cover, but have no idea of kind of fabric to use. Any suggestions?

  5. Sue L said:

    A discussion on shrinkage would be very helpful – How to minimize, how to estimate to account for it in the pattern. (We will not discuss why my sail cover has a small extra piece sewn to the aft end…)
    I’m also interested in how to do the bow attachments on a dodger, but I recently purchased the “Make Your Own Dodger” DVD, so I hope it is in there.

  6. Barb Bukovinsky said:

    I just love your how-to videos but would love to see one on how to make sheets for sailboat berths. The pre-made ones sold at boat shows are expensive. Thank you!

  7. John said:

    Would like to hear how you hem and reinforce the edges of a large cockpit cover while reducing bulk in the corners. Thanks for the info. John

    • Sue L said:

      This is a good one. Also, how to properly reinforce the edges when the cover has an inverse curve (so any fabric folded over to hem needs to be cut).

  8. Ruth Foster said:

    Some diy on sailbags or bags to pack things efficiently. I recently made a cockpit party bag from some red sumbrellas I bought at Sailrite when I visited a couple of years ago. I put a divider in it to support the beverage bottle so it did not smash into the hor’dereves. Very happy customer. Ruth

  9. I’d like to make a spray dodger out of aloha shirt material! Does anyone manufacture an aloha style of designs in canvas?? Or would you need to glue a dozen old Hawaiian shirts to Sunbrela!

    Way back when I was making truck tarpaulins I had a Seiko SK2B and did a lot of tarp repairs so I added a chain to the reverse lever, drilled a hole in the table and the chain led down to a spare pedal,( same as the presser foot kicker pedal) which meant I had a foot operated reverse.
    Sailrite might like to design something similar for the 111 cause it is a major time saver having a pedal reverse and it makes it also a perfect poor mans darning machine!

  10. Keith McGregor said:

    I would love to see a tutorial on upholstering helm seats. Specifically, seats that have foam at two different heights. The inner piece of foam is lower than the outside piece of foam. You might call it contoured? I know I need a stretcher for the inner piece of material, but I am struggling with the outer piece laying correctly without bunching up when wrapping it over the outer foam.

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