5 Home Décor Trends for 2015

The start of a new year is a great time to start fresh. If one of your goals for the New Year is to give your home décor a facelift, we’ve rounded up 5 home décor trends that designers and taste makers are predicting will be popular in the coming year, so you’re home will be stylishly right on-trend. Some of these looks feel trendier than others, so even if you’re not a style-follower, you might see a classic look you like.

1. Blues


Blues have been a popular color in home décor for a few years now and this trend shows no sign of losing steam. Popular shades of this cool color include a bright Greek blue, deep almost black navy, and vibrant cobalt. There are many ways to bring these colors to your home. Try upholstering a chair in the rich navy velvet.

2. Retro Colors


The mid-century modern look is holding steady in home décor and is growing with the increase of 1960’s colors. Tones like olive green, orange, and ochre yellow are being given new life in homes and in fashion. The Sunbrella® Icon collection is the perfect example of this trend. Sunbrella’s latest upholstery collection, Icon is inspired by the Sunbrella archives and prominently features colors of the 1960’s and ‘70’s. Try a bold stripe to create an authentic mid-century look.

3. Pastels


A modern take on the 1980’s pastel palette will grow in the coming year with the big color for this trend being pale pink. These new pastels have a sophisticated feel in petal pinks, soft oranges, blues, and greens. We love the look of a pale rosy pink.

4. Olive Green


Olive green is becoming a popular color and it actually fits along with two larger trends. Olive will look great with a mid-century modern look and a 1960’s color palette, and it is also one of a number of warm tones that are seeing a lot of use. Other warm tones include rust, dusty mint, and eggplant.

5. Nature Inspired


Natural elements are big in home décor from wood grain and floral fabrics to hair on hide and faux furs. We love fabrics inspired by nature especially the seaside (we are sailors after all!). To take the natural look up a notch, combine it with another popular look right now, watercolors. A fabric with watercolor florals or coral is the perfect, soft accent to just about any room.

Of course, design isn’t all about what’s trending. It’s also about filling your home with colors, patterns and textures that you love and that reflect your personality. Find the perfect fabric for your personality at Sailrite.com.

Which one of these design trends would you use in your home? What other types of fabrics, patterns, influences are inspiring you lately? Share your ideas with us in the comments!

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