How to Make Quilted Placemats


The holiday season is quickly approaching and Thanksgiving is just a week away! If you’re looking for new ideas to make your dinner table look festive and fresh this holiday season, we’ve got a great, easy DIY for you. We’re going to show you how to make reversible quilted placemats.

Placemats are both practical and decorative and many people use them on a day-to-day basis. They are great for protecting your table from heat, moisture and scratches and, depending on the style, they can give your table a more formal feel. Plus, placemats are easier to clean than a tablecloth and can be quickly switched out depending on your mood or season.

We made our quilted placemats reversible so you can easily switch from one pattern to the other. The quilting gives the placemats a unique and more casual look. We used a Sunbrella® Upholstery fabric for our placemats to keep them easy to clean and stain resistant. The quilting was created by sandwiching a layer of thin, polyurethane-backed foam between the two decorative fabrics. You can use either thin foam or batting for this project, both are machine washable (let air dry).

To see the full video tutorial, visit


How to Make Quilted Placemats

  1. Standard placemats are 19” x 13” finished. Cut your foam 1” larger on all sides.
  2. Using the foam as a template, cut out your fabric panels, each a little bit larger than the foam.
  3. Use a spray adhesive to baste the foam to the fabric for easier sewing.
  4. Sew the quilting across the assembly. Start by sewing diagonally across one corner and then measure down 2” and start the next line. It is helpful to draw out the quilting pattern with a soapstone pencil to know where to sew.
  5. Create a cardboard template the exact finished size you want the placemats to be. Trace the template on your assembly and cut it out.
  6. Add binding to the edges to finish the placemat!


All the materials needed and the full materials list can be found at!

Do you use placemats everyday, just for special occasions, or never? Have you ever sewn your own? Share your placemat opinions and tips in the comments!

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