Meet the Crew for the United States Sailboat Show 2014


When it starts to feel like fall, you know it’s boat show season! Every October we pack up our van and head out to Annapolis, Maryland to attend the United States Sailboat Show. We always look forward to meeting you, our customers, at the show and demonstrating our favorite tools.

We have a great crew that will be at the show this year, demonstrating the Ultrafeed Sewing Machines and accessories as well as answering your questions. We’ll also have demonstrations of our favorite tools like the Sailrite Edge Hotknife, the SnapRite System, and the Pres-N-Snap tool, and a wide variety of notions, how-to DVDs and more.

Before you come to the show, take a minute to meet our talented team! I asked the boat show guys some questions about boat shows, their favorites products, projects and more.

2014 Annapolis Boat Show Crew

Matt G., Sailrite Vice-President


What’s your favorite part of the boat show each year? Meeting existing and new customers. I also love demonstrating our sewing machines and tools, which are great fun!

How long have you been a sailor? I started racing scows in 1989 with my wife and business partner, Hallie. This year I took a break to spend more time with my family. Prior to racing I sailed everything from Sabots to small sloops for fun.

What sewing project have you completed that you are the most proud of? I have sewn tons of items over the years. I think my favorite was sewing a sail from one of our kits. To me sailmaking is true craftsmanship. I am a perfectionist and I labored at the corners to hand stitch leather chafe patches around rings and at attachment hardware. The sense of accomplishment from sewing and then using a sail is hard to express in words.

What’s one fun fact about you? I love to invent and always have at least three new ideas in some stage of completion. Most of my ideas never go anywhere but I can count at least a dozen that have become valuable assets to the Sailrite Brand.

Eric, Videographer


What’s your favorite part of the boat show each year?  I like talking to our many customers and showing off the power and performance of our Ultrafeed sewing machines. However, my favorite part of the show is enjoying the fine food in the evenings in the beautiful city of Annapolis.

How long have you been a sailor? Since my parents lived on a sailboat shortly after I was born I would have to say since 1968.

What’s your favorite product from Sailrite? Why? The Sailrite Ultrafeed Sewing Machine (I have the LS-1 Plus). I use mine at home regularly to make new cushions, curtains, awnings, chairs, sun shades, and even fix clothing, I love it!

What’s one fun fact about you? I have 6 kids. Three of them were born in the Dominican Republic and one was adopted from Ethiopia, so my time at home is full of excitement and I am never bored!

Brian, Customer Service Manager


What’s your favorite part of the boat show each year? Getting to see all of the newest trends, specifically in the use of hardware and fabrics for canvas and cushions.

What kind of boat(s) do you sail? I sail a 1987 Seaward 22, which acts as my family’s weekend cottage. We also spend quite a bit of time on the water in our 1977 Marquis runabout.

What sewing project have you completed that you are the most proud of? This changes every season.  Two years ago it was my complete bimini, dodger, and enclosure.  I would have to say this season it is my new interior cushions made with Covington Outdoor fabric.  The project of mine that seems to get the most attention is our pair of sandbar floats (A large one for the kids, and a small one for the dog).  Most people, especially those with dogs have these torn up, crummy looking foam floats that really belong in a dumpster.  Ours were rescued, one from the dumpster, and one from the lake and are covered in Phifertex Plus, constructed as a box cushion.  The kids and dog try their hardest to destroy them every chance they get, but they still look brand new.

What’s one fun fact about you? I rarely miss a single weekend at the lake.  If we are not there on schedule, my wife and I start getting several messages inquiring as to if everything is ok with my family. I also refuse to wear long pants during the boating season.  Given the fact that my season begins in April, I have had some chilly Indiana mornings to contend with.

Jim, Sailrite Founder


What’s your favorite part of the boat show each year? I wander the show looking for new products and ideas. […] Those of us at Sailrite feel that an important part of our business is learning about and making available to our customers all the latest and best ideas that make sailing more fun. Of course, boat shows are also a great way to renew old friendships with customers and exhibitors. Please stop by and say hello!

What kind of boat(s) do you sail? I look forward to next summer sailing the restored Islander 37 that has been the subject of many recent Sailrite videos. In the meantime, I have sailed an MC Scow on Lake Maxinkukee for the last five years or so. Prior to that there was a Highlander, a Flying Scot, a Rebel, a C Scow, an S2 7.9 and a Lindenberg 22. Of course there have always been Windward Sabots (I own 3), a Hobie 16 and a Laser that can be used by the grandkids as needed.

What sewing project have you completed that you are the most proud of? I am most proud of my sails. It is always nice to win, but when you do it with sails that you have made yourself it is even better.

What’s one fun fact about you? I love to sail. But, as I get older I find sitting in front of a computer programming is almost as satisfying. Much of my time this past summer has been devoted to a new version of the Box Cushion Fabrication App, which should be done within a month or so.

Visit Us at the Show

You can meet all of these great guys and see the tools and products Sailrite has to offer at the Annapolis Boat Show. We’ll be in our usual spot, Tent H: Booth 24-27. They can’t wait to see you!

The United States Sailboat Show starts today (Thursday) with a VIP Preview Day, and opens to everyone tomorrow, Friday, October 10, 2014 from 10 am- 6:30 pm. The show runs through Monday, October 13. To learn more about the show and purchase tickets at the Annapolis Boat Shows Website.

For those of your attending, what are you most excited for at the show this year? Can’t attend? Leave us a virtual message in the comments, we love hearing from you!

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