How to Make Tire Covers for a Trailer or RV


The sturdy tires used on boat trailers and RVs need different care than the tires on your car. Since these tires spend a lot of time stationary outdoors, they become susceptible to damage from the sun’s harsh UV rays. Protect your tires from the sun with fabric tire covers. Tire covers are easy to make and will make a big difference in the longevity of your tires.

The style wheel covers we make in the video protects the tire from all sides. To keep the covers securely in place, even on a windy day, the covers secure around the axel with a Velcro flap. To protect the very bottom of your tires, place a piece of plywood between the tire and the pavement.

When selecting a fabric to use for your tire covers, look for something with excellent UV resistance to provide maximum protection. We used a Sunbrella® Marine Grade Fabric for the best weather protection. Since the cover fits loosely at the bottom, the tire will get good airflow, so your fabric doesn’t necessarily have to be breathable, which means you can use a vinyl fabric, too.

For the full materials list and video tutorial, visit and search #200649XHT.

Do you cover the tires on your boat trailer or RV? Have you ever made custom covers? Share your experiences, thoughts and advice with us in the comments!

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