How to Make a Hammock


Hammocks are a universal symbol of casual relaxation. When you imagine laying in a hammock, it’s peaceful. Bring the calm of a hammock to your own backyard, by making one yourself. Making a hammock can be as simple or as challenging as you want it to be depending on the style you choose. Today we’re going to share with you two methods for making your own hammock from scratch with professional results!

There are countless ways to create a hammock from the very simple sling style, to knotted rope, and quilted slings. In our video, we outline how to make a simple sew hammock and a slightly more complex, quilted version. When making a fabric hammock, you want to be sure to choose a fabric that is strong enough to support human weight. We used a Sunbrella® Awning fabric but a Sunbrella® Marine Grade fabric would also be a great choice.

Sewing the fabric sling is only one part of building the hammock–you’ll also need a way to hang and support it. In the video, we show you how to create a hammock harness. To make the harness you need to weave the support ropes, and attach them to a wooden spreader bar. Then you can hang the hammock to a metal support frame or between two trees or sturdy posts.

For the full video tutorial and materials list, visit and search #200611XHT.

Who’s ready to relax in a hammock? Thinking of making one yourself? Share your hammock memories, ideas, and sewing tips with us in the comments!

  1. I really want to say THANK YOU for those instructive videos that help a lot to those who are trying to make a good way of make some profits for living…I really appreciate a lot this clear videos.

  2. Nancy C Shack said:

    Make my own hammocks from leftover material (Sunbrella Marine). They are a patchwork of many different colors. One of a kind.

    • Nikki said:

      Those sound awesome, Nancy! We’d love to see photos!

  3. Baron said:

    Is Sunbrella Awning fabric strong enough to use for the Easy Hammock? Or what’s the difference between Awning & Marine Grade Fabrics? Thanks

    • Nikki said:

      Sunbrella Awning fabric would be strong enough for the easy hammock, yes. Really, the only difference between most all of Sunbrella’s Awning fabric and the Marine Grade is the pattern. The Awning fabrics have wide stripes and the Marine Grade are solid fabrics, but structurally they are the same.

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