How to Use Boat Blanket as an Anti-Scorching Divider


When installing clear vinyl on boat structures like dodgers, biminis or enclosures, it’s important to remember to not let the clear vinyl sit against the metal support poles. If the window material is allowed to sit against the metal it could get scorched, which can cause the vinyl to shrink and discolor or even harden and crack over time. Today, we’re going to show you a simple and cost-effective way to protect your clear vinyl.

The key to keeping your clear vinyl off the metal support poles is to attach something to the poles to keep the clear vinyl lifted off them. You can purchase sun blocker clips that are made for this purpose, but if you have scrap Boat Blanket fabric, you can easily and affordably make your own anti-scorching dividers. Boat Blanket is a great choice for this project because its plush, piled fibers allow air to flow through between the clear vinyl and the pole, plus it is soft and durable.

To create your Boat Blanket anti-scorching devices, cut a long strip of the material and sew hook Velcro to one side. The Boat Blanket is fuzzy enough that it will act as the loop side for the Velcro. Wrap the tubing with the fabric and Velcro it to secure. The wrap doesn’t need to run the entire length of where the clear vinyl contacts the metal frame because the thickness of the Boat Blanket material will create enough of a gap to hold out the vinyl between wraps.

If you don’t want to order a yard of Boat Blanket just for anti-scorching dividers, there are a lot of other projects that the fabric is perfectly suited for; recover your trailer bunks, make fender covers, mooring and anchor line chafe guards, or pier post covers with Boat Blanket, too!

Find Boat Blanket material by the yard at

How do you protect your clear vinyl from touching metal support poles? Leave your ideas and suggestions in the comments!

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