7 Fun Facts About Tenara® Thread


Tenara® Sewing Thread is truly a remarkable product. What makes a thread remarkable? How about one with a lifetime warranty? Tenara is so strong and durable that it won’t break down when exposed to UV rays, cleaning agents, saltwater or extreme weather. In fact, it often outlasts the fabric that it’s sewn in! That’s why Gore, the company that makes Tenara, guarantees it for life.

Tenara is made from a synthetic fluoropolymer and the unique, patented formulation of this material is the source of its strength. We thought it would be fun to share some Tenara Sewing Thread trivia facts with you today.

7 Fun Facts About Tenara Thread

  1. Tenara thread is unaffected by UV radiation and is not harmed by chemicals, even bleach.
  2. Besides being used in marine applications, Tenara thread is also used to sew inflatable aircraft hangers, convertible tops, moon bounces, and artificial turf.
  3. Fabric made from this fiber was used to create the roof over center court Wimbledon.
  4. Types of fluoropolymer films are the only synthetic surface to which a gecko’s sticky toes won’t stick.
  5. The first major order Gore received was for 7.5 miles of insulated ribbon cable for the city of Denver, Colorado.
  6. Tenara thread is made by W.L. Gore & Associates, the same company that makes GORE-TEX® fabrics, among many other products.
  7. Gore products are used all over the world and beyond: to repair hearts, to protect astronauts in their spacesuits and to power the Mars rover.

Try the unbeatable strength of Tenara thread for your next outdoor project! Tenara is available at Sailrite.com.

  1. tonytheterrible said:

    I have tried to use Tenara several times with limited success. No matter how hard I try, I invariably wind up with a few dropped stitches (on long seams like awnings). A disaster? No! But it really looks terrible. I bought a string lubricator sold by Sailrite, and it helped a bit, but the lubricant leaked out overnight leaving a huge mess! Use a big needle, and sew very slowly!

  2. Well, I’ll admit that I was doing everything wrong. After watching the video, I’ll try a smaller needle, and making a device to make the spool turn. You should mention in you advertising, that lubricating the thread IS NOT the answer .


    • Kevin said:

      @ Tony, I Made a full boat cover and a Enclosure for my T-Top and they both came out awesome. and I didn’t see one dropped stitch using the Tenara thread… their videos helped me a lot..

  3. Thanks, I watched the video, I see what I was doing wrong. I just recently completed a top for my center console t top and am thinking about enclosing the sides with clear. I would be interested in seeing pictures of your project. Atroskoski@ yahoo.com.

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