How to Make a PVC Pet Bed


Elevated pet beds made from PVC pipes and durable fabrics are becoming quite popular. We’ve heard from several customers that they are making these beds for animal shelters and their own pets, so we figured we’d make one and share the tutorial with you!

Some pets and pet owners prefer these cot-style beds to the more traditional pillow-style beds. Elevated beds do have a lot of perks. They are great for dogs who like to chew, because they won’t easily be torn up. Pet cots are also more comfortable for dogs with joint pain and keep pets cooler in the summer.

For our PVC pet bed we chose to use a durable Sunbrella® Sling Fabric. We like this fabric because it is strong enough to support dogs of all sizes, is easy to clean, and pet claws won’t easily rip it. Phifertex® mesh is another great fabric option with similar properties. Really, the most important part is choosing a durable fabric that will support the weight of your pet.

There are different methods for making these beds, but for ours we chose to sew pockets for the PVC pipe with one zippered pocket for easy assembly. We wanted the bed to be taut so when a dog climbs on the bed won’t sag. This, however, makes the assembly of the pipes more difficult, since the fabric is pulled so tightly, so we added a zipper along one pocket to aid in installation. This also makes it easier for you to remove the fabric to wash. If you’re concerned about the pipes scratching your floor, you can always add rubber caps to the bottom of the pipe feet.

To find the full tutorial and materials list for this project, visit and search #200639XHT.

Have you ever made an elevated pet bed? Did you use this technique or another? Share your tips and ideas with us in the comments!

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