How to Make a Lumbar Pillow


Do you have a chair that’s so deep it’s uncomfortable to sit in? Or maybe you’re looking for that missing piece to finish off your bedroom? A lumbar pillow might just be your solution! Lumbar pillows can be really functional or purely decorative.  You can place one on the back of a chair or sofa for added lower back support or you can set one decoratively across your bed for a variation in pillow shapes.  No matter how you choose to use your lumbar pillow, the process for making one is the same.

As part of our DIY Porch Makeover, we made lumbar pillows for both function and style. We brought in a new set of wicker patio chairs with pretty deep seats. We knew we wanted throw pillows on them to tie in some of the deep blue tones in the porch’s rug, so we decided to make lumbar pillows that would also add to the comfort of the chairs.

To make these pillows (and all the pillows on our porch) outdoor friendly, we used outdoor fabric and sewed them with polyester outdoor thread. For the lumbar pillows we chose a simple, solid blue fabric. We wanted our pillows to fit perfectly on our chairs, so we also chose to make our own pillow forms, but you can always use a pre-made pillow form too.

To see the full video tutorial and materials list, visit and search #200603XHT.

What did you think of this project? Are you going to add lumbar pillows to your patio set? Share your ideas and opinions with us in the comments.


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