How to Make a Neckroll Pillow with Piping


Mix up your throw pillow collection with a stylish and practical neckroll pillow. These cylindrical shaped pillows, also called bolster pillows, not only look great, but they also provide extra back support on a bed or chair. Today we’re going to show you how to make your own neckroll pillow covers and we’re going to add an extra decorative flair with piping and buttons.

We made our pillows for the v-berth on our Islander37 sailboat, so we chose a Sunbrella® Upholstery Fabric. for our pillows to help protect them from the moisture of a marine environment. You can use any fabric you choose. We also decided to add buttons to the ends of the pillows. For this you can use decorative buttons you already have or make your own using a coordinating fabric.

Adding piping around the ends of the pillows provides a real decorative touch. You can use a pre-made piping, like the Sunbrella® Decorative Trim we use in the video, or you can make your own custom piping. When sewing piping, remember to use either a welting/cording foot on your sewing machine or a roping zipper foot. This helps get your stitches closer to the piping cord.

To see the full video and materials list, visit and search #200632XHT.

Do you have a place for a new neckroll pillow? Do you have any ideas of different ways to jazz up a bolster pillow? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments!

  1. Awesome post about the pillows i see your video and you made a attractive design pillow which is good for healthy sleep. So please continue with us posting such type of post Thanks !!!

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