How to Make Salon Cushions


When below decks, the salon (or saloon) is the hub of your boat’s cabin. It’s where you can sit and eat, work, and sometimes even where you sleep. So it’s important that the settee cushions are comfortable and that they suit your style. For our third and final project in our Project Boat Cabin Series, we’re going to show you how you can re-cover or re-create new cushions for your boat’s salon settees.

The existing foam on our Islander 37 was in pretty good condition, so we decided to re-use it with some fresh batting and new covers. If your foam needs replacing, we have full instructions for patterning new cushions in our How to Make Your Own Cockpit Cushions video.

For our settee cushions we used the same Sunbrella Upholstery fabric that we used for the v-berth cushions, to give our cabin continuity. In the video, we will show you how to line up stripes or a pattern so they flow from the seat backs to the seat bottoms of your settee.


Materials List:

You can find all the materials needed to make brand new salon cushions at

It’s amazing how new cushions can really brighten up a space! Have you ever considered making new cushions for your salon settees? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments!

We still have many more projects to complete on the Islander 37. Be sure to enter your email in the right-hand column (or the bottom of the page on a mobile device) and subscribe to this blog to not miss a post!

  1. Roxane said:

    Are there any instructions on how to re-cover the back cushions ( the ones with cardboard stapled to it). Do I have to completely disassemble the backing from the cushion first? Is there an easier way?

    • Nikki said:

      Hi Roxanne,

      Unfortunately, we don’t have any instructions on recovering upholstered cushion backs right now, but to answer your question, in most cases you will have to disassemble the cushion before recovering it. We’re working on some home upholstery videos right now that show using cardboard tack strips and you can use those same principles on your salon cushion backs. So be on the lookout for that video in the coming weeks!

      • Roxane Powers said:

        Thanks for the reply. After looking at the back cushions some more I realize they are simply cushions stapled to a fabric-covered backing. I think if I just remove the staples I will be able to use the regular instructions for covering the cushions, and then just cover the cardboard with spray glue and fabric. Keep up the great videos! I was able to follow along with basically 0 sewing experience. Thanks again.

        Roxane >

  2. JL said:

    I am creating new cushions for a boat that lost the originals ages ago. The salon seat is a curved L-shape, meaning that the back cushions will need to be curved as well. Do you have any advice for how to make a curved backrest cushion? Thank you!

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