How to Make Portlight Window Covers


Small portlight windows are great for letting a little extra light and air into your boat’s cabin, but they can be difficult to cover when you want a little extra privacy. For our third project in our Project Boat Cabin Series, we’re going to show you how to make simple-sew elastic covers for your portlights.

The benefits of using these elastic portlight covers are that they effectively provide privacy when they are in place, and that they are super easy to remove when you need a little more light or want to open the window. For our covers we used a Sunbrella® fabric, which has an open weave that allows a small amount of light to still come through. If you wanted a darker shade, try using a heavier fabric like a Sunbrella® Upholstery Fabric.

For the full video tutorial and materials, visit and search #200628XHT.

Do you cover the portlights on your boat? Leave us a comment and share how you did it!

  1. Margot Partridge said:

    These look great. But I would like find a way for privacy when the ports are open for air.

    • Nikki said:

      That’s a good idea, Margot! I’ll be sure to get it on our project team’s “to-do” list!

  2. Will said:

    I made 6 of these for my pocket cruiser out of some leftover sunbrella I had. They work great to block light so I can sleep in longer. They were easy to make and I think they look good too. Thanks for the video.

    • Nikki said:

      Glad these turned out so well for you, Will!

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