DIY Boat Cabin Makeover: Before & After

Does your boat need a little love? We’ve got a new project boat here at Sailrite® that needed quite a bit of love and we’ve been hard at work this winter getting her all spruced up and making lots of great how-to videos along the way. We’ve just finished working on a few of the projects in the cabin and the difference is striking!

Meet our 1976 Islander 37 project boat. She belongs to Jim Grant, Sailrite’s founder, and he’s letting us do a little work on her so we can share the projects with all of you! Over the course of the next month, here on the blog we’re going to be bringing you full tutorials on four great projects to transform the cabin of your boat into a comfortable, functional space.

See the full video tutorial and materials list at

What projects need to be done in the interior of your boat? What projects would you like to see us do a video on? Share your ideas with us in the comments!


Salon Port-side Settee Before


Salon Port-side Settee After

  1. Tony said:

    These series of DIYs are outstanding – thanks for thinking of doing this!! By next fall, we want to build our boat cover for our 43′ Ketch.

    • Nikki said:

      Thanks, Tony! Good luck with your boat cover!

  2. Bill Chepren said:

    I really like your DIY series. Brings back memories of building the Morgan sailboats.
    Those were great sailboats, it was a privilege to build boats at that place and time….Bill C.

  3. daniel bastien said:

    merci ses tres intéressant de voir les modifications apporté.
    Bravo a la disiner.

    • Nikki said:

      Merci beaucoup, Daniel!

  4. mako8 said:

    Great method of marketing and training. I have been a satisfied customer of Sailrite for almost twenty years. Your videos have definitely helped me and led to more Sailrite purchases.

    I have some ideas for expansion if you are interested.

    Jim Coakley Boca Raton, FL


  5. Ken Fine said:

    This series of projects and other information is outstanding! I have learned so much. I can now just go over to my machine and whip out something. winch covers, sail covers etc. much of the mystery is gone, replaced with knowledge.
    Thank you
    Beneteau 51

  6. Linda Dobbs said:

    We are loving these DIY videos. My husband and I are refurbishing a Dockrell 27 and my Sailrite Sewing machine I received for Christmas is getting us on the way to doing the fabric work. We really appreciate the project ideas.

    • Nikki said:

      Thanks, Linda! Good luck with your boat projects. We’d love to see the before and afters!

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