How to Make a Market Tote Bag


Re-usable grocery bags are becoming quite popular as more stores and shoppers try to be eco-friendly. We’ve created a great little market tote bag that is perfect for loading up with grocery essentials or carrying to the farmers’ market. You can make this tote bag for yourself with the help of our latest how-to video.

Our market tote features an open top and a square bottom that keeps the bag upright, whether empty or full. This project is simple to sew, making it great for beginners, and uses less than a yard of fabric.

We made our market tote from a heavyweight upholstery fabric to give it a sturdy frame, but you could use a cotton canvas or a lighter decorator fabric, too. If you choose a lighter fabric, we recommend supporting the bottom of the bag with a piece of cardboard or foam board, especially if you plan on carrying heavy loads.

To see the full video tutorial and materials list, visit and search #200617XHT.

Now you’ll have a great bag that’s ready to be filled with goodies! If you want to create more bags for all of your groceries, you can make 4 tote bags from just 3 yards of fabric.

What do you think of this project? Have you ever made a tote bag before? Share your tips and ideas with us in the comments!

  1. bmary said:

    I have a theory that you can never have too many tote bags! I inherited a bunch of fantastic old ones from my grandmother that she reinforced with her sewing machine and I use them all of the time.

    • Nikki said:

      I couldn’t agree more! :)

  2. John Hughes said:

    I like the tip about how tearing the seam-stick makes it easier to peel. Took me about half a roll to discover that myself, I’m sad to say.

  3. Pat Stoughton said:

    I had quite a bit of trouble with the bottom. I sewed down both sides, turned bag inside out and it was all messed up (but messed up evenly on both sides). I watched that part of the video several times. I am just going to make square bottoms like I do for my other totes. But I really love the corners coming up on the side.

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