Learning to Sew Series Part 7: How to Sew a Pillow


Today is the 7th and final lesson in the Learning to Sew Series, and we’re going to culminate this week with a great beginner project. Let’s put together all the sewing skills we’ve learned in this series and make a decorative throw pillow with a zippered opening.

Here are a few materials you will need to complete this pillow project:

  • Fabric
  • Pillow Form
  • YKK #4.5 Continuous Zipper
  • YKK #4.5 Continuous Zipper Slider

Visit Sailrite.com to see the full video.


You have now completed the Learning to Sew Series! We hope this series has helped you feel more comfortable with your machine, confident in your skills and excited to pick up a new hobby. When you’re ready for another project, browse our how-to section on the Sailrite website. Our video library is a great resource, with hundreds of videos full of instructions, tips and advice on DIY projects big and small.

Feel inspired but don’t have a sewing machine yet?

We encourage you to check out our Sailrite Ultrafeed Sewing Machine! From light home decor fabric to heavy canvas or denim, they sew it all. These machines are also straightforward to use and learn, making them great for beginners and experienced sewers alike. Read more about the Ultrafeeds at Sailrite.com.

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Share Your Thoughts

How did your pillow turn out? What are you going to make next? Do you feel more comfortable with your sewing machine? Share your ideas and experiences in the comments!

  1. ken said:

    Eric, Great educational series, has motivated me to do more projects. Great marketing tool! Ken

  2. Sam Whitaker said:

    Thanks for a great series. I watched the entire series and picked up some helpful short cuts. Sailrite does a great job on all your videos. Thanks again.

  3. John Hughes said:

    Great stuff. A really terrific introduction.

    I have a few suggestions: I don’t think that you ever mentioned what stitch-length you were using (although perhaps Eric said something about it with the basting stitch during the installing-a-zipper segment). There’s also an implicit bit of information that could be made EXplicit for beginners: we basically work on projects with the inside visible most of the time, and then invert at the end; that way all the seams end up hidden, That’s important for aesthetics (as in a throw pillow) and for durability (as in a dodger, with constant exposure to sunlight).

    One more thing: it’d be great if you could do a “bloopers reel” — some shots showing what goes wrong when you don’t do certain things. For instance, you could show the start of a stitch where Eric forgets to hold the trailing threads, and how you either get a few loose stitches at the start or a rat’s nest. And you could show the beginner’s classic — catching part of the other material under the part you’re sewing, so that the arm of your dress ends up sewn to the bodice, etc. You could even (at the risk of having to replace a couple of parts) show someone sewing really fast over a thick zipper, bending the needle, and perhaps breaking it.

    Even though I’ve been sewing stuff for years, I found this a really helpful introduction. Nice job!

  4. Eric said:

    I wish you would continue with one more episode, the Box cushion, that would make the series complete, most of this I have learned from doing over the years, and I have made my share of mistakes including putting the pins in the way you did. If you put the pins in sideways instead of inline with the stitch you have less chance of hitting them, all in all a good beginners lesson though. Add a Box cushion with piping and have a terrific series.

  5. John N said:

    Nice series. Like all the Sailrite videos, well done and very useful. Thanks

  6. prjacobs said:

    Great series! Thanks, I enjoyed it very much. :-) Peter.

  7. jcwood said:

    Great series Eric. This has been extremely helpful. I will show my appreciation in the future by purchasing your products. Your in a competitive business and your videos are great for developing loyalties. Thanks very much.

  8. Chris said:

    Great series! I don’t have a of sewing experience and this series got me off and running. Made a great pillow with zipper. It turned out great, even though the worker at JoAnne’s Fabric thought it was a little ambitious.

    My goal is Sunbrella cockpit cushions. Thanks for the video’s. Next will try the Sunbrella lifeline cushions.
    Burbank, Wa.

    • Nikki said:

      Congratulations, Chris! Glad to hear the series was a big help! :)

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