How to Make a Christmas Tree Skirt


With only 8 days till Christmas, most of your homes are probably already looking merry and bright for the season. If you find yourself still without a Christmas tree skirt however, we’ve got a tutorial for a simple sew tree skirt that is so quick to make you’ll still have plenty of time for that last-minute shopping!

Making your own Christmas tree skirt allows you to perfectly coordinate the skirt with the rest of your holiday decorations and your personal style. You can use traditional colors for a classic look, go modern with a contemporary print or bright colors, or meet in the middle with a dark red print in a geometric pattern.

We made our tree skirt for the Christmas tree that sits in the Sailrite lobby during the holidays. We chose this P/K Lifestyles fabric, Samba Campari, for it’s traditional red color and playful pattern. You can finish the edge of your tree skirt with a hem, a scallop, binding, or even fringe. We opted to use a white binding to bring out the white in our fabric.

If you want, you can add a closure system to your tree skirt. We added a single tie to ours, but you can add more ties, Velcro, or leave it as is.

Take a look at the video and see how it’s done:


How to Make a Christmas Tree Skirt:

  1. Determine the diameter of the skirt by measuring the diameter of the lower branches of the tree.
  2. Use the branch measurement found above to trace on your fabric the total diameter of the tree skirt. Then, make a 3-inch diameter circle in the center of the larger circle.
  3. Cut out the larger circle only.
  4. Sew binding around the perimeter of the circle.
  5. Where the binding ends come together, fold the skirt in half. Trace a line on the fold from the edge to the center circle.
  6. Cut a slit along the line and then cut out the interior circle.
  7. Sew binding along both cut sides of the slit and around the inside of the small circle.
  8. Sew off two lengths of binding to use for ties.
  9. Attach ties to either side of the slit.
  10. Place the skirt underneath your tree and tie to secure!


Find all the materials needed to make this Christmas tree skirt at

Are you sewing any decorations for the holidays this year? Share your projects and ideas in the comments!


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