How to Make a Fabric Covered Window Cornice


Do the windows in your home still need a little something? A fabric covered window cornice might be just the thing to give your windows a finished, tailored look. A cornice is a fancy word for a decorative box that is mounted above a window to frame the curtains. Cornices are great for evening out uneven windows, making a wall of windows look uniform, or dressing up mini-blinds. The best part is that a cornice box is simple to build and upholster, and we’re going to walk you through it.

Cornices are versatile window treatments and work in any style home. They can have a modern or traditional feel depending on the shape and design. Simple rectangles are the most popular, but different curved shapes can also be designed. Cornices are often used to make a window appear larger and grander than before.

To make your own window cornice, you will need to first build your board. Then, once your board is built, you can upholster it. We used batting underneath the decorative fabric to give our board a softer look. For this project we chose a Sunbrella Upholstery Fabric, Cassidy Pebble. If you have an extra long cornice, you may have to seam two panels of fabric together to get the desired width.

This video will demonstrate how to seam your fabric (if needed) and how to upholster a window cornice.


How to Build the Cornice Frame

  1. Measure your window to determine your desired length and height (12 inches is a fairly standard height).
  2. Cut a piece of wood or heavy-duty foam to size.
  3. Determine how far from the wall you want the cornice. This measurement will be the width of the side pieces.
  4. Cut the two side pieces of wood or foam with the determined width and the same height as the front board.
  5. Secure the small side pieces to the front boards with nails.

Find the perfect fabric for your upholstered window cornice at

Are you making a new valance or cornice? Let us know how it turns out! Leave your tips and thoughts in the comments.

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