How to Make a Table Runner


With Thanksgiving just a week away, we thought we’d share a little DIY project that’s sure to make your table feel more festive. An easy way to take your dining room table from plain to company-ready is to add a table runner. Making a table runner doesn’t require much fabric and you still have plenty of time to whip one up before your big dinner.

With only around a yard of fabric you can make a festive table runner for your main dining table or even a buffet or sideboard. A brightly colored or patterned runner reduces the amount of décor needed on your table, leaving more room for delicious food (and less decorating stress!). You can make table runners in festive patterns for all holidays and seasons and rotate between them.

We wanted a fabric with warm, fall tones to accent our Thanksgiving table, so we went with this Checkered Past Harvest from HGTV Home Fabrics. In the video, we started by making a standard table runner, and then added pointed edges to the short edges of the runner and put a little tassel at the point.  You could make your runner reversible with a different fabric on each side, leave the edges square, or add little buttons to the triangle. These aesthetic choices are all up to you!

Take a look at our video to see how easy it is to make a fashionable table runner.


How to Make a Table Runner:

  1. Measure your table and determine the desired length and width of your runner.
  2. Pattern these measurements on your fabric, adding 4 inches to each side for hems.
  3. Cut out your panel(s).
  4. Seam two of the short edges together using a full flat-felled seam (Optional).
  5. Add a 1-inch double hem around the entire perimeter of the runner.
  6. Fold the material back at the short end to form a triangle. Sew across the bottom of the triangle to secure (Optional).
  7. Sew along the outside edge of the V. When you get to the point, add a piece of fringe or a tassel. Sew over the tassel and continue down the other side of the V (Optional).


Find great fabrics for every season at

How are you spending your holiday next week? Have you sewn any crafty decorations? Share with us in the comments!


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