How to Make a Basket Liner


Do you have a large collection of baskets? I think I have a basket in every room in my house! Baskets are a great and stylish way to store a variety of things from knick-knacks to magazines to laundry. A great way to coordinate baskets to a room (or to each other!) is to add a fabric liner. Fabric basket liners look great and are something you can make yourself.

You may decide to line your baskets for a number of reasons. For example, basket liners are effective at protecting the basket from wear and tear and also protect the basket’s contents from snagging on the basket. For baskets with a wide weave, liners are great for hiding the baskets contents. Plus, liners can give a basket a more finished look.

Making a basket liner requires some careful measuring and simple sewing. We line a small, decorative basket in our video, but you can use the same technique to line a basket of any size. For our particular project, we chose to match the basket lining exactly to the fabric we used on a bench cushion.


How to Make a Basket Liner

  1. Measure the bottom and each side of the basket. Be sure to follow any angles of the basket. Write down your measurements.
  2. Add 1/2” seam allowance to all sides of the basket measurements. Then add an additional 2” to the height of each side for the top fold over.
  3. Carefully pattern the bottom and each side measurements on your fabric. Cut out the plates.
  4. Sew the side panels together, one seam at a time, with the right sides of the fabric facing each other.
  5. Attach the bottom plate.
  6. Add a 1/4” hem around the top edge of the liner.
  7. If your basket has handles, cut and hem slits to accommodate them.
  8. Install your liner in the basket.

We used Braemore Suzanna Garden fabric for our basket liner. Find this fabric and hundreds of other great fabrics for home décor and more at

What are you going to store in your newly lined baskets? Share your ideas in the comments!

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