Annapolis Boat Show 2013 Highlights


The Sailrite crew is back home again in Indiana after a great long weekend at the United States Sailboat Show in Annapolis, Maryland. Despite the rain (and there was a lot of it!) we had a great time meeting customers and hearing about your projects.

We kept the sides of the booth down to keep a warm and inviting atmosphere away from the rain. Inside was the usual hustle and bustle of Ultrafeed Sewing Machine demos, tool demonstrations of the Sailrite Edge Hotknife and the SnapRite System, and plenty of stories.

The weather did slow down the pace of the show a bit this year, but our team member Brian, enjoyed the change.

“I enjoyed that with the rain, the crowds subsided enough that I got to spend time talking with customers and sharing their project and sailing stories,” he said. “I was particularly thrilled to meet so many young—20’s and 30’s—families that are sailing just like my family is.”

As always, the Ultrafeed Sewing Machines stole the show. Many customers walked away with new machines, and a couple even had machines delivered right to the dinghy dock by the Sailrite crew.

“My customer was from New Zealand and, as a live aboard, was thrilled to get a machine at the show,” said Matt.

We heard so many great reviews of the machines and all the great projects being made with them. Here’s a quick video snippet of what customers are saying about the Ultrafeed.


We heard so many positive comments at the show and we’re excited to keep bringing you products and services you love.

Until next year, Annapolis, it’s been fun! In the meantime, you can stay up to date with Sailrite and get great project tutorials and in-depth information, right here on our blog. Click the ‘Sign Me Up!’ button in the right-hand column to get post posts right in your inbox.

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  1. As always, the Ultrafeed Sewing Machines stole the show. Many customers walked away with new machines.

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