How to Make A Sunfish Sailboat Cover


Did you know that the Sunfish is the most popular sailboat ever built? A great boat to race or casually sail, the Sunfish can be seen on bodies of water across the globe. After a great day of sailing, treat your Sunfish right and protect it with a weather resistant, breathable cover. We’ve come up with a great cover design that you can make yourself.

With our detailed, video instructions you can create a sleek, fitted cover for your lateen rig sailboat. Our cover features a zippered boot to allow the mast to come through the cover and a pocket at the transom to accommodate the spars, which are typically laid on the deck when stored. The cover also has shock cord around the perimeter to keep it close to the boat and belly straps that can be secured underneath the boat for a tight and secure fit.

We made our cover from Sunbrella Marine Grade Fabric, which we like for its weather resistance and colorfastness. Since Sunbrella has a tendency to abrade over time, we added chafe protection patches in high chafe areas of the cover. For a more inherently abrasion resistant cover, you could use a vinyl like Stamoid or Weblon Regatta. Other good cover cloth options include, SeaMark, Sunbrella Plus, Sur Last, Marine Finished Cotton Duck, Top Gun, and Maritime.

In the video, we pattern our cover on a Sunfish sailboat, but the techniques are the same for covering any lateen rig sailboat like the Snark, Minifish, Phantom, Sailfish, and Glen L. Buckboard, to name a few.


Materials Needed:

All of the materials needed for this project can be found at

Are you a Sunfish sailor? Leave us a comment and tell us why you love your Sunfish!

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