How to Make A Beach Bag


There’s still plenty of summer left, so why not spend it soaking up the sun at the beach or the lake? A perfect companion to a day at the beach is a sturdy beach bag. A good beach bag can hold everything from sunscreen to towels and protect it from the sand. With our latest how-to video, you can learn how to make your own functional and fashionable beach bag.

We wanted a beach bag that would be easy to make and would hold a variety of beach needs, including a bulky towel. Inspired by the “Rolled Mat Stowaway Sack” in Betty Oppenheimer’s book Sew and Stow, we created this tall bag mimicking the shape of a rolled towel. Grommet accents and a rope strap give the bag a nautical flair, while its spacious, tube shape allows you to carry everything you need all in one bag. It’s large enough to hold multiple towels, and still be carried comfortably over one shoulder. Additionally, the bag is fully lined and cinches securely closed.

The stylish, two-toned design allows for endless fabric pairing and color possibilities. Using strong solids can give this bag a manly, sailor look. Choose a fun floral pattern for the body of the bag for soft feminine look, or a bold ikat to be right on trend. We went for a playful beach feel for our bag and chose P/K Lifestyles Outdoor Ocean Current Seaspray fabric, a bright fish pattern, for the main body and solid Sunbrella Canvas Gingko for the base.

In this video, you will learn step-by-step how to cut the pieces for your bag, sew the outer barrel and inner lining, install the grommets, and install the rope strap.


Materials Needed

Get everything you need for this project and others, including a copy of Sew and Stow at

What would you fill your beach bag with for a perfect day at the beach? Share your ideas with us in the comments!

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