How to Make a Companionway Cover


The cabin on your sailboat should be as cozy as home (since for some of you it is home!). A little extra natural light or a cool breeze can go a long way in making the cabin more comfortable. Instead of wrangling with wooden hatch boards all season, you can make your own custom companionway cover to improve your cabin comfort.

Our new how-to video showcases how to measure for and create your own companionway cover with a roll-up flap. We recommend using Sunbrella Marine Grade Fabric for the cover and either a Phifertex Mesh screen to allow for airflow or a clear vinyl window for extra light. The roll-up flap can be secured over the window or screen to provide privacy.

Companionway covers fit over the companionway door and attach with snaps so they are easy to install and remove. An added bonus with these covers is that they can also attach over the wooden hatch boards to protect them from the weather and sun, so you can spend less time varnishing and more time on the water.


Materials Needed:

Find all the materials needed to complete this project at

  1. Have it both ways! Here’s an alternative to sewn in vinyl window/screen.

    first cut the hole for the screen/window and finish the edges. Cut both a screen and vinyl window with an extra 1″ on each side. Sew Velcro loop around the perimeter of each and Velcro Hook around the perimeter of the screen/window opening. For fair weather you have a screen, remove it and attache the window for foul weather to let the light into the cabin and see out to the cockpit.

    When leaving the companion way cover on to protect your brightwork, Leave the screen on, not the vinyl as the vinyl will likely adhere to the wood treatments. Make sure to role you vinyl window and protect it with in a tube or sleeve.

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