Heavy Duty Home Sewing with the Ultrafeed Sewing Machine


Home sewing machines are great for most home sewing projects, but what about when you want to hem your jeans, make a leather handbag, or reupholster a sofa? For these more heavy-duty projects, you might find that your home machine is not up to the challenge. If you’re in the market for a heavy-duty machine, take a look at the Sailrite Ultrafeed.

The Ultrafeed LS-1 and LSZ-1 Sewing Machines offer the best of both worlds combining the sewing power of an industrial sewing machine with the portability of a home sewing machine. The LS-1 is a straight stitch machine, while the LSZ-1 offers both straight and zigzag stitch options.

Double the Power

The Ultrafeed has the power you need to sew through thick assemblies. It can sew through up to 10 layers of heavy canvas in a straight stitch. A standard feature of the Ultrafeed is the Power Plus Wheel. This balance wheel is twice the size of a home machine wheel and provides twice the power even when sewing at slow speeds. With a 3/8” high foot lift and best-in-class needle bar stroke, you can sew virtually anything you can squeeze underneath.

Sew it All

The Ultrafeed can handle a wide range of materials with ease including: denim, leather, canvas, fleece, flannel, faux fur, and upholstery fabric. Another great feature of the Ultrafeed is the mechanical walking presser foot. This foot pulls multiple layers of fabric (even sticky materials!) evenly through the machine for easy sewing and symmetrical stitch lengths.

Easy to Use

So it has the power required, but will it be too much of a beast? The Ultrafeed is very intuitive to use, making for a smooth transition from your home machine. It is easy to set up and operate, although it will be a bit louder than a home machine. A nice bonus feature is that the Ultrafeed’s presser foot comes with a built-in welting tunnel, which means you’ll have to change the foot less often for creating piping or installing zippers.

Top Notch Support

Every Ultrafeed Sewing Machine comes with excellent instructional materials and support. Included with the machine are interactive instructional DVDs as well as a full-color guidebook with parts listings and a full schematic to the machine. For additional information, there are streaming videos on the Sailrite website that demonstrate how to use the machines as well as how to install and use available upgrades. If you need extra assistance or want to talk to a live person, call Sailrite toll-free for tech support.

Ultrafeed Sewing Machines are bridging the gap between industrial and home sewing. They are built from the most reliable parts so they’ll last a lifetime. To see the specs and learn more about the Ultrafeed, visit www.sailrite.com.

Home sewers: what do you look for in a sewing machine?

  1. A customer just brought me a lawn chair cotton product to make a Retro Trailer Awning. The ultra feed walked through numbers of layers with no stress. Just love all the power and features for projects like this.

  2. TonyT said:

    Yeh, the Ultrafeed made a believer out of me. I bought a ziz zag to make a few accessories for my boat. It sews through an unbelievable combination of heavy materials. If you can get it under the foot, the needle will go through. I started sewing all types of canvas items for my motor home. The tip that I have… I always use a needle one or two sizes larger than recommend and bbought the heavy fly wheel. After doing (sew), I haven’t broken a single needle, even after about a hundred hours of sewin.
    If you are looking for a powerful but portable machine, this is the one.

    • Nikki said:

      Thanks for the comment and the tips!

  3. SueC56 said:

    Denim! My main reason for buying the LSZ-1 is to sew jeans for myself. Of course, jobs like a cover for the grill are being added to my list. I also want to use it for sewing bags/purses.

    • Nikki said:

      The LSZ-1 will do all those things and more! Happy Sewing! :)

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