How to Replace Fabric on an Envelope Style Sling Chair


Spline Cord Style Sling Chairs by Denise C.

A popular choice for outdoor seating, sling chairs are comfortable, breathable, and, best of all, low maintenance. Even if the fabric wears out, replacing it is an easy DIY project. We’ve got easy to follow instructions for replacing the fabric that will keep your sling chairs looking great season after season.

Phifertex Plus Mesh and Sunbrella Sling make excellent fabric replacements for sling chairs. These fabrics were designed with sling applications in mind. They are sturdy, clean easily, and come in a variety of stylish patterns and colors.

To replace the fabric in your sling chair, first take a look at the construction and how the fabric attaches to the frame. There are two common types of sling chair configurations. The first utilizes a spline cord to attach the fabric to the chair. On this style chair, the fabric feeds into a slit in the metal support. The second configuration is an envelope style. For this style, the fabric acts as a pocket, and the support poles are housed inside the fabric. To identify the envelope style, look for bolts on the back of the chair that appear to be coming out of the fabric.

If you have a spline cord style chair, head on over to this post for full video instructions on replacing the fabric. If you have an envelope style chair, we’ve got you covered with video instructions right here.


How to Replace Sling Chair Fabric: Envelope Style

  1. Take measurements on the chair
  2. Disassemble the chair
  3. Measure the fabric off the chair, too
  4. Pattern the fabric
  5. Sew cover
  6. Add binding
  7. Reassemble the chair

Now you’re all set to make your sling chairs sturdy and beautiful again. Check out our selection of slingable fabrics at

What’s your favorite type of seating on your patio? Do you love the ease of sling chairs or do you prefer a cushioned bench?

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