5 Reasons to Love the SnapRite System

2013_February_5Have you heard the buzz about the SnapRite System? It’s an ingenious new way to install snap fasteners using any standard rivet tool. Each snap component—button, socket, stud, and eyelet—has a corresponding SnapRite Die. The color-coded dies screw into the nosepiece of the rivet tool and work in pairs with a SnapRite mandrel to install the components.  Sound intriguing? It gets better.

5 Reasons to Love the SnapRite System

  1. Set snaps in one step! Without pre-punching holes. How simple is that? The SnapRite mandrels and the fasteners punch through the fabric. All you have to do is position and squeeze.
  2. Use as a positioning tool. Want to position snaps just right on a cover? The SnapRite Socket Die snaps right onto an installed stud so the button and socket are perfectly in line with the stud every time.
  3. Place snaps anywhere on the fabric. Unlike other snap installation systems, the SnapRite works with a rivet tool, so there is no tool throat restriction. This means that snaps are not limited to the edges of fabrics and can be installed anywhere on the material surface.
  4. Install snaps without a workbench. The SnapRite System is conveniently portable and does not require the use of a workbench like other installation tools. Snaps can even be installed right in your hands!
  5. Do it all. This one system of 4 dies will install any Ligne 24 size snap fastener (5/8″ diameter, the most common size). Works with Pull-The-Dot, gypsy studs, and regular DOT snap fasteners.  The SnapRite System does, however, require the use of SnapRite Buttons and gypsy studs.

Find even more reasons to love the SnapRite in our demonstration video:

The patent pending SnapRite System was proudly conceived by Sailrite Vice-President, Matt Grant and is available exclusively at www.sailrite.com.

  1. TonyT said:

    I’ll be the first to admit that I am a Newbe at canvas fabrication. I bought the Snaprite system after careful consideration of other methods. My first project was a cover for my center console boat that covers the windshield to past the driver’s seat. I needed to set about twenty snaps. I selected lift the dot screw in studs with appropriate snaps. Things went pretty well with the exception of setting the snaps. I corrected the problem by using buttons with the shortest SS barrels possible. The longer brass barrels skewed and bent while attempting to penetrate the Shelter rite fabric used as backing.
    Matt was very helpful in getting me through the process. I have subsequently has no other problems and really like the system. I am looking forward to having other accessories for the system.

    • Nikki said:

      Glad you’re enjoying your SnapRite! Thanks for sharing your story.

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