How to Install a Curved Zipper


We just released our new Make Your Own Full Boat Enclosure DVD, and it highlights some tips and techniques we think you’re going to love. A full boat enclosure offers great protection from sea spray, cold air, and bugs and insects, but it can also make your cockpit feel a bit stuffy. Adding a U-shaped window to your enclosure will allow you to let the breeze roll in when you want it and keep the cold air out when you don’t.

Installing a curved zipper may seem tricky, but the secret is knowing when to baste and sew each part. Since we know many of you are working on projects right now, we wanted to give you a sneak peek of our DVD and share with you steps on how to install a basic curved zipper.

This video demonstrates a complete curved zipper installation including: sewing the binding, sewing the zipper, adding zipper stops, and attaching a strap to secure the rolled up window. For those looking to customize an existing window, a detailed materials list is included at the end of the video.


This video outlines the most basic smile zipper installation, but the DVD set explores several different ways to install a curved zipper window in your enclosure. Video instructions for adding a stationary, roll up, or removable screen to an enclosure curtain panel are available on the Make Your Own Full Boat Enclosure DVD or on our website.

  1. very well done. It always looks so easy if you have the right tools and SPACE and I cant wait doing that on my boat!!! Thank you for sharing.
    Barbara (from Vienna, Austria)

    • Nikki said:

      Thanks, Barbara! We’d love to see pictures of your project when it’s finished.

  2. I had a project I did last summer without looking at the video first and I had a problem with the shape and the zipper laying flat. So much so that I took it out. Put a new piece of plastic glass in, ordered the video for the Smiley Face and it help so much I was able to accomplish a far superior project and actually please the customer I did it for. Love Sailrite products and training videos so much I actually took a drive down last fall with a friend to see the Indiana location.
    Good news about the enclosure dvd as well, when I need it again I know where to go.
    Ruth (Port Stanley, On Canada)

    • Nikki said:

      Ruth, thanks for your support and kind words.

  3. Richard said:

    When I use the method shown here, the plastic around the window opening is wavy. Since I want an optically undistorted view, would like for it to stay flat. Anyone have a method of doing a window so that the plastic remains flat?
    Richard, Austin Texas

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