10 Great Gift Ideas for Sewers

The holiday season can be stressful. We’re bringing back the cheer with holiday gift guides full of great ideas for every do-it-yourselfer in your life. This week we’re featuring gifts any sewer is sure to love. From beginners to certified sewing pros, these suggestions will put a smile on your sewer’s face!

Sailrite’s 10 Great Gift Ideas for Sewers


1. Ultrafeed Sewing Machine: This portable machine packs a punch. The Ultrafeed is a versatile machine that does it all from home sewing projects, to upholstery, canvas work, and sailmaking. Choose either the straight stitch Ultrafeed LS-1 or the zigzag/straight stitch Ultrafeed LSZ-1.

2. Knife Edge Shears: These high quality knife-edge shears by Gingher are a great addition to any sewing kit. The knife-edge makes cutting through thick, tough fabric a breeze. They also work well on slippery fabrics like nylon. These shears will last for years and the knife-edge blade can be re-sharpened using a sharpening stone (sold separately). Available in right and left-handed versions.

3. Right Angle Binder: Now in two sizes, 3/4” and 1” these binders are sewing machine accessories that make it easy to add binding around curves and corners.

4. Self-Healing Cutting Mat: Makes a great gift bundle with the Fiskars’ Rotary Cutter! This cutting mat is designed to protect your tabletop when cutting with rotary cutters. The self-healing technology keeps the mat from getting cuts or grooves on its surface so it always looks like new. Also features a measuring grid with 30, 40, and 60-degree bias lines for making binding.

5. Deluxe Magnetic Sewing Guide:  A great sewing guide for metal sewing machines! Sewing guides help to ensure uniform seam width. This Deluxe Magnetic Sewing Guide is extra long for accurate stitch placement and secures firmly to the machine. Easy to remove and adjust for thread spacing. This sewing guide makes perfect stitching effortless.


6. Sailrite Flex20 LED Light: Share the gift of light this season! It can get dark under the arm of a sewing machine, but the Flex20 has a flexible neck that stays where you put it to illuminate your work. The 20 LED bulbs give 1 watt of power and bright, white light without getting hot. The Flex20 has a magnetic base but also comes with an adhesive pad so it can attach to any sewing machine.

7. Gingher Thread Nippers: An accessory so great, sewers will forget how they cut before it! These thread nippers are very sharp and snip loose threads quickly and cleanly. Thread nippers are great for trimming threads close to fabric or under the sewing machine and this pair are the best around!

8. Integrated Thread Stand: For the Ultrafeed sewer (or as a bonus gift with an Ultrafeed!). The Integrated Thread Stand is designed to fit in the Ultrafeed’s Deluxe Carrying Case so the thread is always loaded and ready to go. An essential for sewers on the go. Also installs on any sewing table.

9. 60 mm. Rotary Cutter: This rolling cutter by Fiskars looks like a pizza cutter and slices through fabric with ease. The rolling motion makes this the perfect tool for turning corners and detailed cutting. Blade has a switch operated safety guard.

10. Make Your Own Pillows, Shams & Bedskirts DVD: A Sailrite original, this instructional DVD provides easy to follow video instructions for multiple types of pillows, zippered and envelope style shams, and a bed skirt. A great resource for new sewers or anyone looking to do a DIY update to their bedroom.

For these and other great sewing and DIY gifts, visit www.sailrite.com. Be sure to check back next week when we reveal our “10 Gift Ideas for Boaters!

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