How To Make Your Own Electrical Cord Cover

‘Tis the season for holiday decorations and twinkling lights! Time to string your home with lights, tinsel and cheer. Unfortunately, with bright shining lights, come less than appealing extension and electrical cords. Sometimes, perfecting holiday decor means running cords all around or straight through the middle of a room. Easy to make electrical cord covers will keep cords under control and safely next to the carpet, eliminating any tripping hazard.

These electrical cord covers use Velcro to securely fasten right to carpet. Unlike using adhesives to keep cords down, these covers won’t damage the carpet and are reusable. Versatile beyond the holidays, Velcro electrical cord covers are perfect for trade shows, homes, churches, businesses, and more. Just 4 materials make 29 feet of cord covers!

Materials Needed:

DIY Electrical Cord Cover in 5 Steps:

1. Cut fabric length-wise in 6-inch wide strips.

2. Sew strips together to your desired length using a semi-flat felled seam (Not sure how to sew this seam? Check out this video here).

3. Add a 1/2-inch hem to both extreme ends.

4. Baste and sew the Velcro down the length of both sides of the cover. Then create a 1-inch hem on each side of the cover by folding the Velcro under and sewing it in place.

5. Secure your electrical cords under your new cord cover!

For materials and more how-to videos visit

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