How To Install Snap Studs Using a Pop Rivet Tool

Snap fasteners have a multitude of uses around your home and boat and are a quick and easy way to attach covers, enclosures, cushions and more.  Surface studs are typically installed via standard Phillips head or machine screws, but these can sometimes splinter the surface as they screw in. To avoid this, a pop rivet tool can be used to install studs, however, the studs often don’t fit tightly and balancing all the small pieces can be tricky.

Shouldn’t installing snaps be just as easy as using them? We think so, and the new SnapRite Surface Mount Stud Die does just that. This one die screws into the end of a standard pop rivet tool to quickly and easily set snap studs. The die holds the stud and rivet securely in place so no parts get lost in the installation process. The Surface Mount Stud Die installs studs tightly with a low stud profile. Either aluminum or stainless steel blind rivets (pop rivets or open end rivets) can be used. However, make sure the rivet is long enough to accommodate the thickness of the surface.

Install Snap Studs in 4 Easy Steps:

  1. Pre-drill a 1/8-inch hole into the installation surface.
  2. Screw the SnapRite Surface Mount Stud Die into a pop rivet tool, squeezing the levers slightly together as you twist.
  3. Insert the blind pop rivet into the center of the die and press the stud firmly into the die.
  4. Position the end of the rivet into the 1/8-inch hole and squeeze the levers of the rivet gun together until the mandrel breaks. This will firmly rivet the stud to the surface.

Tips for a Water-Tight Stud

When installing snap studs in a marine environment, like in the fiberglass hull of a boat, a watertight seal is very important. This can be achieved with the Surface Mount Stud Die by using it in conjunction with the proper accessories.

For the best water resistance, use both a closed end rivet with a rubber gasket and an adhesive backed foam rubber gasket on the surface. The rivet with the gasket works just like any other pop rivet, but contains a rubber gasket for extra sealing. The closed end of the rivet seals the hole in the center of the snap while the foam rubber gasket seals the base. Simply place one of these rubber gaskets over the pre-drilled hole and install the stud on top of it. The foam will collapse under the stud, so the low stud profile remains intact.

The SnapRite Surface Mount Stud Die is available exclusively at

  1. sandy rovane said:

    wish I still had a sail boat. Have horses now and they don’t stand still for snaps. I use the machine for my business as The Blanket Lady. Horse blanket laundry and repair.

    • Nikki said:

      That sounds really cool! Glad you’re enjoying your machine!

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